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When you work on a construction site, you assume that your employer has taken all of the necessary safety precautions to keep you and your co-workers safe. You may also assume that all of your co-workers are property trained, that all equipment is operating properly and that you are not in any danger. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Construction workers sustain 150,000 accidents per year and they also have the most fatal injuries of any industry at 802 in 2010 alone. In some instances, a passerby is the injured party. Construction accidents can be a result of electrocutions, falls, burns, explosions and falling debris.

The Masters Law Firm represents people seriously injured in construction accidents. Attorneys and engineers, Marvin Masters and Christopher L. Brinkley have a very unique approach to these types of injury cases. A combination of engineering expertise along with the legal knowledge of an attorney is a successful combination to have on your side. Contact The Masters Law Firm if you have been injured in a construction accident.

Construction Accident Lawsuits

If you are a construction worker who has been injured while on the job, you may be eligible to obtain financial compensation for your injuries. In many instances, it is possible to obtain financial restitution in addition to workers' compensation in the event of an on-site accident. The construction accident attorneys at The Masters Law Firm can help ensure that you are fairly compensated for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, loss of income stemming from inhibited earning capacity, and pain and suffering. Depending on the circumstances, it may also be possible to file a personal injury or premises liability claim against the parties liable for the injury.

If a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, such as a brain injury or spinal cord injury, we can help ensure that your family is appropriately compensated. Our attorneys understand how devastating a catastrophic injury or unexpected death can be, and are committed to helping victims and their families. We can assist you in obtaining compensation for funerary costs, a loss of income (including future income), medical costs, pain and suffering, and the loss of a family member through the filing of a wrongful death claim. If you are seeking legal counsel in West Virginia, contact our construction accident attorneys today.

Types of Construction Accidents

Construction sites are full of potential dangers and risks. Any of the following common causes of construction site accidents can cause serious injury – such as electrocution, burns, or broken bones – and may be grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

  • Defective equipment
  • Falls from ladders or scaffolding
  • Construction vehicle accidents
  • Handling sharp or heavy objects
  • Slips or falls caused by inappropriately placed wiring or other machinery
  • Crane accidents
  • Roof cave-ins
  • Explosions and fires caused by flammable materials
  • Collisions with heavy equipment
  • Electric shock caused by live power sources
  • Falling debris or equipment (such as ladders or construction equipment)
  • Trench collapses
  • Welding mishaps
  • Compressed gas accidents

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