Serving all of West Virginia, West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer – FAQ

Many of our clients have similar questions when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit. For that reason, we have included a list of the more frequently asked questions and provided answers in the hopes that they will serve as a useful quick reference guide for potential clients. At The Masters Law Firm – serving all of West Virginia – a personal injury lawyer can provide you and your family with sound legal counsel.

What is a personal injury case?

A personal injury claim is a legal request for financial compensation for damages suffered as a result of another party's negligent, willful, reckless, or careless actions. Common causes of injury that can lead to a personal injury claim include car accidents and motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, construction site accidents and industrial accidents, medical malpractice, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents, aviation accidents, and slip and fall accidents. At our West Virginia firm, serving all of West Virginia, a personal injury lawyer can review your case and help determine your claim eligibility.

What compensation am I eligible for?

If you are injured as a result of another party's negligence, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for medical costs (including future medical costs), rehabilitation costs, loss of wages (including future wages), and pain and suffering. In the event that a loved one has suffered a catastrophic brain or spinal cord injury or a loved one has been killed, a personal injury or wrongful death claim can help you obtain financial compensation to cover a lifetime of medical costs, loss of income, funerary costs, and pain and suffering. Serving all of West Virginia, a personal injury lawyer from The Masters Law Firm will work diligently to ensure you obtain fair and just financial compensation for your losses.

Is there a statute of limitations for my case?

Depending on the circumstances, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit in West Virginia can range from 1 to 10 years. If you believe you have a valid claim and live in West Virginia, it is imperative that you contact a personal injury lawyer from The Masters Law Firm as soon as possible. We can review your case and determine if you still have the legal right to file a claim. If the statute of limitations expires, you may permanently waive your right to compensation.

How much does it cost to file a lawsuit?

At The Masters Law Firm, we handle our cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning we accept no payment for our legal services unless we obtain a successful recovery of funds for you and your family. In the event of a case victory, our lawyers will deduct their fee from the recovery amount. We strongly believe that our clients shouldn't have to worry about paying "cash-out-of-pocket" to protect their rights. Individuals who are seeking legal counsel in West Virginia can rest assured that a personal injury lawyer from our firm will have the experience and knowledge to help ensure a successful case resolution.

How long does a lawsuit typically last?

The duration of a personal injury case can vary greatly depending on the circumstances, but a typical personal injury lawsuit can take more than a year from the time a claim is filed to reach a resolution. Our personal injury lawyers will keep you updated of the latest developments and will keep you informed of the lawsuit process. At The Masters Law Firm, we firmly believe that an educated and prepared client can serve as an asset to his or her case.

Is it better to accept a settlement or go to court?

We will clearly inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a settlement or pursing a trial. Though many cases are settled out of court, the attorneys at our firm have the experience and aptitude to litigate a case to trial because we understand that all cases are different. If a settlement offer is inadequate or the defendant is unwilling to offer a settlement, a personal injury lawyer from our firm will aggressively represent you in court to help ensure you are justly compensated for your suffering.

How do I contact a personal injury lawyer?

Our attorneys will provide unwavering commitment to your case and work tirelessly to help ensure that you obtain the maximum amount of compensation that you are legally entitled to. To schedule a free consultation contact a West Virginia-based personal injury lawyer from The Masters Law Firm today.