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When you trust a nursing home or assisted living facility to care for a family member you hope that they will be in good hands. What happens when you suspect abuse? Sadly, you are not alone. Senior abuse is on the rise in nursing homes. Each year, one out of four nursing homes is cited for causing injury or death to a resident.

Nursing home abuse occurs in a variety of ways such as bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, falls and infections. The Masters Law Firm will fight to protect the elderly of West Virginia from the deplorable abuses they unfortunately incur. If your loved one has suffered injury or death due to nursing home abuse, contact the experienced trial lawyers of The Masters Law Firm.

Understand The Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse:

  • broken bones
  • bed sores
  • bruises
  • head injuries
  • poor hygiene
  • soiled bedding
  • dehydration
  • malnourishment
  • complaints of poor treatment
  • frequent crying
  • agitation
  • withdrawal
  • fear

Medical Malpractice

According to the American Medical Student Association, 44,000 to 98,000 people die every year as a result of preventable medical errors in the United States. Medical malpractice is a serious risk that can affect anyone. If you have suffered an injury or ailment because a doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist, or medical technician was negligent, you may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the liable parties. In the tragic event of a loved one's death, we can help you file a wrongful death claim as well. At The Masters Law Firm in West Virginia, a medical malpractice and negligence lawyer serving all of West Virginia can review your case and provide effective legal representation.


One of the most common types of medical errors is a misdiagnosis, which can include a delayed diagnosis or the incorrect diagnosis of a sub-type. If a doctor fails to properly diagnose an illness or medical condition, and the patient's condition worsens as a result, it may be possible to file a medical malpractice suit. However, it is important to recognize that medical science is not exact, and some conditions are inherently more difficult to diagnose than others. That is why it is important to seek the services of a qualified and diligent attorney. We can help prove that the health care provider's negligent actions and failure to abide by the accepted standard of care resulted in further injury.

Surgical Errors

Any failure by a surgeon to perform his or her duties to an acceptable standard of care which results in injury to the patient can be defined as a surgical error. Common surgical errors include operating on the wrong organ, amputating the wrong limb, leaving medical instruments inside of the patient's body, and severing or damaging internal organs or veins. At The Masters Law Firm in West Virginia, a medical malpractice and negligence lawyer can help West Virginia residents who have been injured by the egregious and negligent errors of a surgeon.

Medication Errors

When drugs are administered incorrectly, the results can be devastating. If you have suffered deterioration in health or a loved one has been killed because an anesthesiologist or doctor improperly administered medication, our personal injury lawyers can help. It may be possible to obtain financial compensation for additional costs incurred as a result of the error, such as medical costs and loss of wages, as well as emotional pain and suffering. If you are seeking qualified legal counsel, contact a medical negligence lawyer from our West Virginia law firm today.

Birth Injury Lawsuits

At The Masters Law Firm, we understand how devastating a birth injury can be. Our lawyers are committed to helping families who have lost a child as a result of a health care provider's negligent actions as well as families who have a child who was seriously injured by such negligence. A West Virginia-based birth injury lawyer from our firm will aggressively represent you in your lawsuit to help ensure that you obtain the maximum amount of compensation that you and your family are entitled to. In a birth injury lawsuit, in addition to compensatory damages, it may be possible to file for punitive damages to punish the liable parties for their reckless disregard for the standard of care.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition for which there is no cure, that permanently affects motor function and muscle coordination. Birth trauma such as asphyxia and brain hypoxia can cause cerebral palsy. Children who suffer from cerebral palsy may be completely unable to walk or care for themselves, and many require a life time of medical care and attention. Children who suffer from less severe cases of cerebral palsy may still experience difficulty speaking, walking, and controlling bodily movements. Lamentably, as a result of the muscles not being properly exercised, the symptoms of cerebral palsy tend to degrade over time even though the neurological condition does not actually worsen.

Erb's Palsy

Erb's palsy is a condition caused by birth trauma that can affect the primary nerves that connect the arm to the central nervous system. A child who suffers from Erb's palsy can experience a severe limit in his or her range of motion in the affected arm. Surgery is often necessary to reverse the damage, though sometimes minor cases of Erb's palsy heal naturally. If your child suffers from Erb's palsy as a result of a birth injury, contact our West Virginia office. A birth injury lawyer with an exhaustive understanding of the law can help ensure you obtain a successful case resolution.

Nursing Home Abuse

The attorneys at The Masters Law Firm understand that elderly individuals who depend on the care of others are particularly susceptible to abuse; that is why we are unwavering in our commitment to protecting the rights of the elderly. If a loved one has been actively abused (physically, sexually, or emotionally) or suffered neglect at the hands of a health care provider in an assisted-living facility, you should contact a medical malpractice lawyer from our West Virginia law firm as soon as possible. We can help your family hold the liable parties accountable for their actions and ensure that you are justly compensated for your suffering.

Contact a Medical Negligence Lawyer

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