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Swimming pool safety

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Premises Liability |

What is the best way to keep your child safe around the swimming pool this summer? Adults may feel that they have better things to do, but nothing could be more important than to make sure that a functionally able swimmer of teenage or up be watching while children are playing in or around a swimming pool. In the case of an infant or toddler, an adult should be in the pool and within an reach of their child at all times. Even parents who have older children should ensure someone of adult age is concentrating on them at all times and not distracted by their cellphone.

If you are the owner of a swimming pool you must stick to a certain set of rules such as:

  • Empty inflatable pools after each use
  • No toys that can be ridden around the pool
  • No electrical appliances near the pool
  • No diving in a swimming pool that is not deep enough
  • Absolutely no running or roughhousing on the pool deck

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