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Danger zone: Texting and driving threatens lives in construction sites

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Texting while driving is a well-known danger, but the risk explodes in construction zones. These areas, with uneven lanes, merging traffic and workers mere feet away, demand a driver’s full focus. West Virginia takes distracted driving seriously, especially when it puts construction workers at risk.

Distracted driving: A recipe for disaster

Any time you take your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel, you’re distracted. Texting is particularly dangerous because it combines visual, manual and cognitive distractions. This means you’re not just missing what’s in front of you, you’re also slower to react to sudden changes.

In a construction zone, these delays can be fatal. Workers are constantly moving, placing signs, operating heavy machinery and exposed to passing traffic. A driver distracted by a text is a driver who may not see a flagger or swerve into an uneven lane, putting themselves and everyone around them in danger.

West Virginia’s texting and driving laws

West Virginia has a strict “Electronically Distracted Driving Act” that prohibits:

  • Reading or sending text messages or emails.
  • Holding a phone or electronic device while driving.
  • Manually entering data or information into a device.

These restrictions apply to all drivers, regardless of age. A first offense comes with a $100 fine, while subsequent offenses can lead to higher fines, points on your license and even a suspended license.

Protect yourself and others: Put the phone down

Construction zones are temporary disruptions, but the consequences of an accident can be life-changing. By putting your phone down and focusing on the road, you can help keep yourself, construction workers and everyone else on the road safe.

Remember, the life you save might be your own or the life of someone building a safer road for tomorrow. Leave the texting for when you’re stopped safely off the road and arrive alive at your destination.