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Can poor semi-truck maintenance put you at risk?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Truck Accidents |

Truck carrier companies are responsible for keeping the vehicles in their fleet in working order, but not every company upholds that responsibility. When they do not maintain the systems that these large vehicles rely on to operate safely or mechanics provide shoddy work, that poor maintenance can put other drivers, pedestrians and others at risk. Are you sharing the road with a poorly maintained big rig?

What risks can poor maintenance cause?

Semi trucks depend on every vehicle system to operate properly, and poor maintenance on any component can cause these vehicles to be dangerously unsafe to drive.

Poor brake maintenance is a surprisingly common cause for concern. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) reported that 12% of the vehicles inspected during their annual Brake Safety Week had brake safety violations that put them out of service. Brake issues can make these vehicles difficult or even impossible to stop safely.

Wear and tear on the vehicle’s axel or improper installation of vehicle components could result in a wheel flying off a large commercial vehicle while it moves. Not only can this make the truck itself difficult to control, but the loose wheel can be a deadly hazard for pedestrians, road workers and other vehicles nearby.

These are not the only systems that, when not maintained properly, can fail and lead to an accident. Poor maintenance on a truck’s trailer hitch could lead to a trailer becoming unbalanced or unattached entirely. Issues with a truck’s electrical system could cause their headlights to fail. Even shoddy windshield wipers could limit driver visibility when it is most needed.

If you experienced harm in an accident with a poorly maintained semi truck, it is possible to hold carrier companies and maintenance providers responsible for their negligence.