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Left-turn accidents are a severe risk for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents |

There are many different types of motorcycle accidents, such as a rider losing control in a curve or being hit by someone who pulls out in front of them while leaving a driveway. But there is one common type of accident that happened so often that it creates a severe risk for motorcycle riders all over the state. You need to be aware of how this happens so that you can avoid it.

This type of accident is a left-turn crash. It does not happen when the motorcycle itself is turning left, but when another vehicle is doing so and crosses in front of the motorcycle.

An example of how it could happen

One common way that this occurs is when a motorcycle and another vehicle are traveling down a two-way street in opposite directions. The driver coming toward the motorcycle needs to make the left turn and should wait for the motorcycle to cross before doing so. However, the driver turns too soon, cutting in front of the motorcycle, which then collides with the side of the vehicle.

There are different reasons that drivers make this mistake. In some cases, drivers do see the motorcycle, but they believe it is traveling slowly or that it is a long way away, usually because of its small size. A simple mistake in judgment can cause them to turn in front of a motorcycle that is actually very close.

In some other cases, drivers do not see the motorcycle to begin with. They may not look for it, they may feel like it blends into the road or it could be blocked by other traffic. For instance, there are many cases where drivers are waiting for a pickup truck or some other large vehicle to go through, and they simply never see that there’s a motorcycle behind it. As soon as that large vehicle passes them, they start the turn, and it’s too late for the motorcyclist to avoid the accident.

Why it is such a problem

This is such a problem because motorcyclists usually can’t swerve to avoid the crash. Going to the right would take them in the same direction as the vehicle that has cut them off, while going to the left would put them in the oncoming traffic lanes. There may be some distance to slow down, but there’s usually not enough distance to stop entirely.

Additionally, even with a helmet on, motorcyclists have limited production. This means that a crash at high speeds can lead to absolutely severe injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, skull fractures or traumatic brain injuries. Riders who are injured need to know about all the legal options they have to seek proper compensation.