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How To Navigate Your Legal Claim After A T-Bone Accident

Even with safer car designs and side-impact airbags, T-bone accidents are still dangerous for those travelling on West Virginia roads. With medical bills and responsibilities at stake, the urgency to return to routine is strong after a T-bone car accident.

Our T-bone car accident attorneys are dedicated to guiding you through the complicated weeks and months following a crash. Since 1974, we have been helping auto accident victims in Charleston and across West Virginia to recover the compensation they deserve.

Understanding The Main Causes Of T-Bone Accidents

Most T-bone accidents are caused by human error. This includes:

  • Reckless driving: Some drivers increase the risk of T-bone accidents by speeding, running red lights and disregarding road rules.
  • Driving under the influence: Despite the laws against it in West Virginia, some drivers choose to drive after consuming alcohol or other impairing substances.
  • Distracted driving: T-bone accidents often stem from distracted driving, where drivers engage in activities like phone use, eating, adjusting the radio or being preoccupied with passengers.

Understanding the causes of the T-bone accident helps build a strong legal case. You can make this process more efficient when you enlist the services of a T-bone car accident lawyer.

Unique Legal Approaches Our Attorneys Can Use To Address A T-Bone Car Accident

In the event of a car crash, our seasoned T-bone accident lawyer ensures justice through:

  • Collaborating with leading experts for a detailed recreation of the T-bone accident
  • Conducting a comprehensive review of medical records to establish the injury extent and account for all relevant damages

Going beyond legal representation, our skilled lawyer adopts a proactive approach in negotiations, aiming for fair and just compensation reflecting the full impact on your life.

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